10 Things to Look For When Searching for Homes in Makena

10 Things to Look For When Searching for Homes in Makena

  • Amber Lee
  • 02/25/23

Welcome to Maui! You’ve found a tropical paradise most people only dream of calling home. Along the southwestern coast, just south of Wailea, lies the beautiful town of Makena. The community is famous for its Maluaka Bay beaches, but all of the amenities of Maui’s luxurious resort communities are within easy reach. Makena real estate is some of the most beautiful property you could hope to own, and if you are considering putting down roots here and embracing island life, here are a few tips to help you transition well.

1. The right realtor

Hawaii is like no other place on earth, and each island has its own distinct personality and lifestyle. You need an insider perspective to help you navigate local zoning requirements, the cultural nuances, and the attributes of each neighborhood. It also helps to work with an agent who is deeply connected to the community and its resources. Amber Lee is a local agent with years of experience living in Oahu and Maui. She’s passionate about Makena real estate because this is home.

2. Housing market details

Inflation and rising interest rates have impacted the housing market in Maui. Sales have decreased in recent months, while the cost of properties has increased. How is this possible? It has much to do with the limited availability of buildable land in Maui and the continued challenges of materials shortages for new construction. There are fewer Makena homes for sale available than the present demand, and that drives prices upward.

As a buyer, this means two things, depending on your situation. If you are in a hurry to purchase a home immediately, make sure that you’ve prepared your budget and are willing to pay top dollar for your new dwelling. If your relocation is less urgent, take your time, tour the properties that pique your interest, and be willing to wait for the perfect home to come available before making your purchase.

3. A nest egg

Because Hawaii is so far removed from the mainland, almost everything you’ll need in your daily life has to be shipped to you. The effects of this will be felt in the grocery store, at the gas pump, and in shops and restaurants. In addition to housing prices being tremendously higher than they are in most of the rest of the United States, living in Hawaii is very expensive. Budget for this in every facet of your monthly expense planning, and if you see that you do not have the funds to make an adjustment of 60% to your expenditures, consider waiting until you have saved up more money or reevaluate the type of home you wish to purchase.

4. Great community

On the islands, friendliness, hospitality, and good neighbor behavior are a part of the culture. You aren’t just buying Makena real estate, you are joining a community. Spend some time in the neighborhood you are considering and evaluate its condition. Do the neighbors keep their property in good repair? Are stores and services easily accessible? If you have the opportunity to meet and talk with locals, take the time to do so. This is how you will get the most honest assessment of your prospective new home in Makena.

5. Minimalist habits

Shipping your possessions from the mainland — or storing things that you aren’t able to ship — will add up to quite an expense, and the effort may be for naught. Houses on Maui are typically smaller than those on the mainland, and the lifestyle is very informal. The antique formal dining room set may only collect dust, and certainly, with year-round temperatures in the 70s and 80s, you can forgo anything that has to do with winter, including cold weather gear and snow equipment.

Plan to ship your vehicles to Maui, as you’ll need them. Makena doesn’t offer public transportation, and most people get around by driving their own vehicles.

6. Veterinary records

Bringing the four-legged family members along to Hawaii can be quite a complicated process, requiring extensive paperwork and advance planning. Failure to do so will have your pet pining away for you from quarantine for several months. The Department of Agriculture has prepared a step-by-step guide to help demystify the move.

7. Your perfect home

Finding the perfect home and finding your perfect home are two very different things. Before being dazzled by a spectacular view or high-tech amenities, begin your search for Makena homes for sale by considering your own lifestyle, as well as your season of life, interests, and priorities in a home. If, for example, you’ve reached retirement age, a single-story home with simple landscaping and only one guest bedroom may work perfectly for you. If you are planning to work from home, you’ll need a home office. If you anticipate your family growing in the next few years, consider the extra space and features your home will need to welcome a little one (or two).

8. Long-term investment value

Living on an island almost guarantees that your home will be an appreciating investment. There simply isn’t enough space to continue building new homes, meaning existing ones will be highly sought after. Even so, some homes are more desirable than others. Look for properties that have universally appealing features, such as beautiful views, square footage, extra bathrooms, excellent layout, etc.

9. An excellent home inspection report

Part of doing your due diligence when buying a home requires that you have a professional inspection done of the property you wish to purchase. Don’t neglect this vital step! A thorough inspection can reveal potential problems in the electrical work, roof, appliances, water and pipes, and more. The small upfront cost can give you tremendous peace of mind that you have purchased a quality property- or warn you away so you can continue your home search.

10. A beautiful view

You simply cannot live in a place known for its spectacular vistas and not enjoy one yourself. Make sure that the home you love takes advantage of the views of Molokai, West Maui Mountains, the ocean, and of course, the breathtaking Maui sunsets.

Ready to move to Makena?

With these 10 steps in mind, it’s time to begin your next season of life in beautiful Makena, Maui. Get started today by reaching out to Amber Lee. She’ll be happy to welcome you to her beautiful state and help you achieve all of your Makena real estate goals.

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