11 Benefits of Buying RAW LAND

11 Benefits of Buying RAW LAND

  • Amber Lee
  • 04/19/22

Aloha Friends,

I was having dinner at the Mauna Kea Resort last week and met this lady Krish, we had so much in common and the synchronicity’s was very familiar and Krish is a realtor here in Hawaii. I decided to write this blog about her beautiful new listing on the Hamakua Coast. Did you know Hamakua means the “Breath of God.”

The Hamakua is truly a magical haven and has the perfect climate and amount of rainfall to grow food and live off the land and be creative.

Now if you are looking for the ultimate self-sustaining land with your own private river running through, then look no further this 337-acre land is for sale and is a true gem, a must-see: KA’IE’IE ROAD Papaiko, HI 96781

raw land on big island hawaii

Self sustainable properties are in high demand especially in rural areas, mostly due to the pandemic. The pandemic has definitely given us all a wake up call and an opportunity to re-evaluate our lifestyle. Many are looking to get out of the big cities and the “matrix” to live a more peaceful and healthy life.

You may be feeling the pressure of the world, rising inflation, and gas prices and it seems as if there is a large wave of people out there that are looking at a new way of living. What if, you can’t go down to the quickie mart and buy your cheese puffs? Being self sufficient is an important skill for survival. Do you know how to grow food? Have you ever had chickens that bless you with yummy fresh warm eggs for breakfast? Do you have a veggie or herb garden now?

Maybe you are ready for something new and have a strong feeling to make some major shifts in your life by buying some land in Hawaii and start growing your own food or start a self-sufficient community with your friends and family.

11 Benefits of Buying Raw Land:

  1. Owning a property away from the crowds
  2. Always wanted to build your dream home in paradise
  3. Owning land can produce a wonderful return
  4. Good long-term investment
  5. Opportunity to generate an income
  6. Living in nature feeds your soul
  7. Enjoy your privacy and out of sight from neighbors
  8. Grow your own food, free of pesticides, GMOs and enjoy having farm animals such as horses, sheep, or even a lama
  9. Taxes are lower
  10. Live independently from “the system,” instead of being dependent on urban living.
  11. Less stress

To conclude, people love living on large parcels of land and or “off grid” there is less stress and they can contribute more to eliminating their carbon footprint,  and less impact on our beautiful planet. In today’s world with the advantage of working remotely, buying land may be the perfect solution for you and your family.

Contact me today and let’s go take a look at this incredible opportunity to buy your own slice of heaven.

One Life
Satori Ebedes
808 333 2127

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