Best Locations to Buy Now on the Big Island

Best Locations to Buy Now on the Big Island

  • Amber Lee
  • 04/7/22

Aloha Dear Friends,

Now buying property on Big Island is a very exciting journey. Although lately, I have had many potential clients who have never been to Big Island and feel the desire to invest and or buy a home here. What are the most desirable locations on Big Island Hawaii to buy your dream home?

We are still in a seller’s market due to Covid, many people have started realizing it’s time for them to live the dream life and shift their lifestyle needs. We have found that the influx of people moving to the islands has definitely caused Maui, Oahu and Kauai to have some challenges revolving around the traffic and amount of people visiting the smaller islands. As well as the pricing of properties could be higher on the other islands compared to Big Island.

East Side or West Side?

Coming back to people who have never been to Big Island Hawaii, it’s important to understand the different areas and climates when buying a home here. I always like to start off with a question such as: “do you like sunrises or sunsets, and do you like lush or dry”?

Did you know Big Island has 10 different climate zones, no place on our beautiful earth is more diverse. On Big Island the East side of the island is what’s called the Wet side, sunrises and the West side of the island is the Dry side known for its beautiful breathtaking sunsets.

Hamakua Coast

Let’s chat a little bit more about the East side if you are into growing food and looking to have a more sustainable lifestyle living on a farm and or more acreage. I would recommend considering looking into the Hamakua Coast properties. All the way from Hilo town to Honokaa you will find quaint little towns in-between offering peaceful neighborhoods.

Check out this fabulous Hamakua home:

44-1924 Hawaii Belt Rd, Honokaa, HI 96727

$1,280,000 | 4 bedroom | 3,085 sqft

hamakua big island home for sale

Kohala Coast

Or if you are into sunshine and more action, white sand beaches and having next-level restaurants and hotels at your fingertips, I would suggest Kohala Coast on the West side of the Island.

The West side of the island is also where most of the resorts are and most popular vacation rental properties are located, so if you are looking for an investment property, I would highly recommend the Kohala Coast from Kona all the way up to the Mauna Kea Resort.

Here are some areas for popular vacation rental investment homes:

  1. Four Seasons, Hualalai
  2. Waikoloa Beach
  3. Mauna Lani
  4. Hapuna Beach
  5. Mauna Kea Resort
  6. Waimea
  7. Waikoloa Village

Here is a HOT Vacation Rental Property for Sale:

68-1122 N Kaniku Dr #41484-2-41, Kamuela, HI 96743

$2,100,00.00| 3 Bedroom / 3 Bathroom | 1,694 sqft

kamuela big island luxury home


And for those of you that are Ranch lovers and enjoy having your horses, goats sheep close to you, I would suggest parts of Waimea or Waikii Ranch which has a gorgeous cool climate and endless views of the Kohala Coast.


Hawi, is a beautiful town on the northern area of Big Island and is growing pretty fast. More of a laid-back lifestyle surrounded by tropical haven. Check out Hanaula Village lots, starting at $259,000.00.


Kona is filled with a high vibe and surrounded by many quaint neighborhoods with a short ride to Kona International Airpot. I bit South of Kona the newer luxury development Hokulia and may be a great fit to either buy an existing home or buy a lot for $400K and build your dream home.

I specialize in the areas along the Kohala Coast, from Kona to Hawi and then North of Hilo through Waimea.

Feel the Aloha Spirit

If you have never been to Big Island and seriously considering making that lifestyle change, come and explore the different areas as you will discover some hidden gems along the way and feel the Aloha spirit.

The one thing I would like to point out about Big Island, is the feeling that you feel when you are here, people come to here because of the healing qualities, especially along the Kohala Coast. Something magical happens when you emerge your body in the ocean and a tranquil energy overflows your body and your mind.

Contact me today and let’s get the ball rolling and make it happen now: 808 333 21217

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