Living the Sweet Life on the Big Island

Living the Sweet Life on the Big Island

  • Amber Lee
  • 05/5/22

We don’t always know when it happens. The experience is very rare and special. When I was little in Ahualoa, I thought that the delicate, sweet, creamy, white honey was just honey or the birthday party at the Hapuna pavilion was normal. Now I know better. I know that growing up near the Volcano Island Honey farm (Now under different ownership called Rare Hawaiian Honey) was very special! And as a mom, I now see how wonderful and simple it was to have birthday parties at Hapuna beach.

Big Island Honey

The kiawe honey is very rare. In a recent visit with Richard Spiegel, who has been caring for bees and harvesting kiawe honey for many years on the Big Island, he explained how many elements it takes to create this special nectar.

The bees pollinate the blossoms of the kiawe trees in Puakō on the Big Island. The trees grow because of the conditions on the dry side of the island and are fed by the aquifer in Puakō. The underground freshwater streams and the climate create the perfect conditions for the kiawe trees.

Some of the blends that were created only happen on the Big Island. The “winter blend” that lives in my memories had the creamy sweetness and a different depth of flavor that only happened because the bees moved back across the island to the blooming eucalyptus trees near Honokaʻa. Big Island Honey!

Beekeeping is now thriving on the Big Island. You can take classes on techniques and traditions and be part of protecting bees and sustainable practices. You can also get out to explore the different farmer’s markets across the island and taste the many flavors of honey on the island of Hawai’i. The sweet life awaits you! 

I am thrilled to be back home on the Big Island and helping my clients. Please reach out to me if you want to talk more about this magic island.


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