Off-Market Properties Now

Off-Market Properties Now

  • Amber Lee
  • 03/28/22

Aloha Friends,

Are off-market real estate deals the hidden gems in this competitive real estate market?

I enjoy mingling with local realtors and getting to know the scoop of what is truly going on in the Hawaii real estate game and I’m happy to inform you of a couple of off-market properties now on Big Island Hawaii.

Especially in today’s market it may be a buyer’s advantage to know of off-market properties and avoid the crazy multiple offers and rush to buy, staying out of the competition is a bonus.

This is where off-market listings come in, also known as quiet or pocket listings, these homes may be for sale, and are not listed on, Zillow, multiple listing services (MLS), and other real estate platforms.

Currently, I know of 2 NEW opportunities to purchase off-market properties, one in a quaint area of Waimea and the other on the Hamakua Coast, a multi-residential income property. Contact me today for more information: 808 333 2127.

5 Benefits of Off-Market Properties:

  1. Since off-market real estate deals have no time pressures, both the seller and the buyer are more relaxed to negotiate; it’s a win-win situation for both parties.
  2. Some sellers desire an off-market listing to test the waters, maintain privacy, or create a sense of exclusivity.   
  3. For buyers, off-market listings provide access to additional inventory.
  4. Since off-market real estate deals have less competition, it is unlikely for bidding wars to occur. Therefore, it will be easier for investors using this strategy to purchase properties at a good price
  5. With the current trend of high demand and low supply, finding good deals in the market may sometimes be a challenge, that’s why you need someone like me.

New Lots Available in North Kohala

Here is some information on lots available for sale in Hawi, the beautiful Hanaula Village, lots starting at $259,000.00. You may be ready to build your perfect home in Hawaii.

For more information click here or contact me.

map of lots for sale in north kohala big island

Back on the Market

In addition, I would love to share with you a stunning property that was off-market and is back on the market now. The famous “Waterfalling Estate,” this home is unreal, and you have your own private Waterfall and Helicopter pad. This estate speaks serenity and next-level lifestyle living. Carrie Nicholson is the listing agent.

This estate is also used as a vacation rental and celebrities such as Justin Bieber stayed here and love it!

Check the listing out here.

waterfalling estate big island hawaii

If you have any questions about off-market properties contact me today.


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