Palm Trees and Coconuts on Maui, Hawai’i

Palm Trees and Coconuts on Maui, Hawai’i

  • Amber Lee
  • 05/2/22

Throughout my time living in Kihei I have always enjoyed the tropics Maui has to offer, and nothing says tropical weather like the sight of palm trees! These beautiful trees were swaying in the wind, as I sat down on my lanai in Kealia Resort.

This morning I saw a worker climbing up the trunk of one of the trees. This sight made me feel grateful for all the palm trees provide, and the people who work hard to maintain the beauty of Maui’s treasures.

Why Do The Coconut Trees in Hawai’i Have Silver Bands Around the Trunk?

Palm trees in Hawaii are unique compared to the mainland for a multitude of reasons. One of these reasons is the silver bands found on each of the palm trees. The silver band is placed on the palm trees with the intention of stopping rodents and domestic animals from making homes higher on the palm trees. This tactic of stopping the animals from finding their way up palm trees is essential because no one wants they’re property to have rodents sneaking around.

Other than to keep rodents away, making sure your property has professional landscaping is important because palm trees add privacy, provide fresh coconuts, and absorb carbon during photosynthesis. There are multiple landscaping companies on Maui that have been doing this specific work for many years, so you’re not dealing with the hassle of managing everything on your own!

Where To Get Fresh Coconut Water right from the Coconut?

If you don’t currently own property on Maui that grows fresh coconuts it’s okay. There are vendors across Maui who sell fresh coconut water right from the coconut! I get asked frequently, where is the best place to get coconut water that is right from the coconut? One of my favorite places to get my fresh coconut is at Coconut Connection Maui in Kalama Village across from Kalama Park. They have fresh delicious coconuts that they prep for you. Then you can walk across to Kalama park if you want. Kalama park has roller skating, walking paths, and is right on the beach!

Fresh coconuts are also available at the Maui Swap Meet on Saturdays and sometimes at the Upcountry Farmers Market too.

Would You Like To Receive a Coconut Postcards from Hawai’i?

Coconuts don’t have to only be about a tasty treat or palm trees. Did you know that you can purchase a coconut postcard and mail it from Hawaii? A coconut postcard is a special gift that costs about twelve-twenty dollars depending on where you’re sending it to. It is an actual coconut you’re sending in the mail! The coconuts are painted showing any design you ask for.


Palm Trees and Maui Sunset

One of my favorite things to do on Maui is watch the Maui Sunset. I have taken many beautiful photos of it. While browsing through my photos I noticed that the Palm Tree silhouttes adds beauty in the sunset sceneries. Here us one of the many photos were taken:

Palm trees provide so much joy for myself and countless others. Are you looking for a home or condo that will provide you with all the tropical ambiance on Maui? Contact me if you need assistance in finding a property with  views of beaches and palm trees, similar to photos I have shared.


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